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Cookies Files - These are small text files that remember how you use our website. For example, in these files you can see when you last entered the website and what information you were interested in. Such files are completely harmless to your computer and do not identify you as a specific person by your IP address. 

These files are temporarily stored on your computer's hard disk and allow us to recognize when and why you entered our resource in the future. 

With your help, cookies help us improve our website so that you can use it more easily and comfortably in the future. In this way, we receive information that can confirm that our website is perfectly tuned and that you are using the best service.  

By accessing our website, you automatically agree to the following: 

  • We will collect information on how you have used our website, more precisely, the date, time, regularity of your specific visits and the topics that are most interesting to you. 
  • We will know what kind of browser you have used to access our website, which technical equipment is equipped with your computer. 

If your computer's browser is set to display cookie files, then on our website, you automatically agree that we have the right to use them. If you do not want your visits to be embedded in cookies, their work can be disabled in your browser settings. Users can set parameters so that each time a different website visits, the browser would require permission to process cookies.

If you want to opt out completely of cookies, you will no longer be able to fully use our website after you opt out, some features will be disabled or unavailable. 

In our resource, you can be offered a hyperlink to other third-party sites that use other cookies file collection policies. That is why we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this policy in other resources, because we are not responsible for the rules for selecting these resources. 

You can read more about cookies files here: www allaboutcookies org