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About Us

Watch Brands 24 (Solids Trade & Finance) offers a wide range of original product wrist watches with warranty service that is performed at the company's technical service. All the sortiment of the product can be viewed on our official website at www.watchbrands24.co.uk

Our online store has been around for years, and we consider the rejection of a number of false myths and stereotypes as the main goal of their business, which is related to watches. In order to make it clear to our customers and visitors to the website what the main purpose of wrist watches is, we have highlighted a number of key points: 

  • The clock can not only be a status thing. Wrist watches are able to accentuate your style just as bags or glasses do. 
  • When you choose your "own" model, don't stick to its price. If you really like the clock you choose, it doesn't matter how much it costs: 500£ or 5000£. 
  • You can have as many wristwatch models as you want. Inexpensive models can become an addition to your dress, business suit or sportswear. It is not mandatory to have one but expensive clock. 
  • Choose inexpensive but original models, not copies of world famous brands. The prices for these models will be the same, but if you buy a replica or copy, you will not get any warranty. 
  • Watch Brands 24 online shop - it's comfortable and comfortable. The use of such a resource provides a wide assortment and a favorable price. A detailed filter, a precise description of the characteristics of each model gives buyers the opportunity to choose the appropriate watches. 
  • The most convenient way to find the right time is the wristwatch. Of course, you can also look at the time on your smartphone, but at a business meeting, look at "how much is the clock" and the fastest will be just on hand. 

Our online shop

By creating our own store on the internet platform, we continue to develop it further and make it more comfortable to select and purchase the watch model you need. We already add new ones to existing filters and parameters. 
Our brand list initially did not reach even 10 manufacturers, now the number is constantly increasing. Along with the usual photos of the product, we also place real wristwatch photos: how they look on the hand in life. At this point, we cannot tell you how many manufacturers we will stop. In our assortment we will regularly include the most reliable and interesting manufacturers. 

Our online shop operates in 24/7 mode. During this time you will not only be able to place an order but also receive detailed information about the selected model. However, we can only deliver within our warehouse. Therefore, you will be able to agree with our specialist on the exact date of the order. 

Watch Brands 24 (Solids Trade & Finance) operate on the basis of laws and regulations governing business. 
Company Registration Number: 14193600
Electronic mail for communication with customers: infowatchbrands24@gmail.com

The online shop operates in its official resource at www.watchbrands24.co.uk. The relationship between the buyer and the online store is governed by the distance contract of the user, the terms of which are set out in the relevant section of our website.