Delivery - Watch Brands 24 online shop


Types of Purchases at Watch Brands 24 Store

1. Ordinary delivery of purchases across UK and beyond

  • Once your order is approved the shipment will be sent to your same or next working day after the payment . 
  • Delivery within UK is done within 1-3 days. Delivery is FREE for UK.
  • Delivery to Europe and the Rest of the World will take 7-14 days. Shipping 15£
  • To buy the selected item in our shop, send your application to our e-mail or contact us by phone: +447778474878 

2. You can pick  the purchased item in the warehouse in London/Kent

If you are able to pick up your purchased item yourself, then, when placing your order, indicate receipt of the item in the "Store Watch Brands 24 Warehouse". Once you have booked a particular model, you must pick it up within 7 days. The time of picking up the goods is stipulated by the store manager in advance.

3. In which cases is the waiver or return of the goods envisaged 

The Buyer can return the item within 14 days of its receipt. The money will be transferred in full (the entire purchase price) to the customer's current account, which he specified on the return request form. The funds will be credited within 14 days from the time the item is returned to the Watch Brands 24 warehouse.

If you have simply decided to give up the item, the delivery price will not be returned to the buyer. 

For more information on returning the product, please contact us at  +447778474878. You can ask additional questions about the refusal or return of the product by writing to our e-mail:

4. When it is possible to return and change the goods

  • The buyer has the right to return the purchased item only when several conditions are met at the same time: 
  • 2 weeks have not passed since the date of purchase. 
  • The product corresponds to the condition in which it was sold. 
  • The item has not been used (no carrying features, all tags). 
  • The properties of the product have not changed. 
  • The buyer has a check for the purchase made or another payment document that can confirm that the item was purchased directly in the Watch Brands 24 store. 
  • The item is not on the list of items that are not subject to change or return. 
  • If one item is changed to another made to order, it must be returned within 14 days of purchase, subject to all the above conditions. 
  • If the company currently does not have the product you want to exchange for the product you have already purchased (provided that this product meets all the above requirements), the company undertakes to deliver the requested product within 2-3 weeks from the date of the request for exchange. If the company is unable to offer the goods requested for the exchange within the specified time period, it undertakes to return the buyer's pre-paid amount or full product price within 7 business days from the date of the request for exchange. Money is reviewed on the bank account specified by the buyer. 

If all the above conditions are met, the purchased item can be exchanged for: 

  • A similar product with the same price. 
  • Much more expensive item with premium. 
  • A product with a lower price but with such a change will not return the price difference. 

Products that are factory defective and the company is unable to eliminate them must also be cut back. You can also return products that do not have the same model for exchange. 

In order to make a change or return a purchase, the buyer is required to produce a check or other payment document certifying that the purchase was made directly in the Clock Outlets store.