How to buy a watch? - Watch Brands 24 online shop

How to buy a watch?

You can order and buy the watch by choosing one of the possible ways to buy at Watch Brands 24. 

  1. Ordering on the official website 

As soon as you choose the watch model you like, click on the "Basket" button and the item will go to your "baggage" immediately. You can then continue to select the next models and send them to the shopping cart in the same way. To go to the "Basket" section, you will need to click on the symbol with the shopping cart image. 

You will need to register to place an order on the website. Registration can be done by completing a standard form and entering your data or entering via Facebook. Registered buyers have to choose the method of delivery and payment, as well as the address to be sent for the shipment. 

As soon as the key parameters are entered, click "Apply for Order". At this stage, we recommend that you check the correctness of the completed application again, as the data you enter will not be editable later. If necessary, you can leave a personal comment right here. Before you click "Finish order", please read the shop operating conditions. 

The following information will be sent to your email address when all the steps required to complete the order are completed: 

  • Is the order accepted for processing. 
  • Have funds credited if you have made a bank transfer payment. 
  • Waiting time for delivery. 

2. Send a request for the selected watch by sending an e-mail to

As soon as company managers read your letter with a request, they will immediately call the phone number you specified to find out all the nuances. 

3. Ordering of watches by phone +447778474878

Call our phone number +447778474878 to make a quick purchase.  

In order to avoid incorrect data and mistakes during the delivery due to incorrectly disclosed personal information, please use our first purchase method: our official website.