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Warranty and return

When purchasing a watch from Watch Brands 24 store, the buyer enters into a distance contract, which can be unilaterally terminated at its own request within 14 calendar days of purchase. In order to terminate the agreement, you must notify us in advance by sending a letter to our e-mail infowatchbrands24@gmail.com 

When returning the goods, the buyer has to submit an application for refusal, this form can also be sent to our shop by e-mail. 

All actions related to the return of the product are regulated by the Republic of UK Law on Protection of Consumer Rights, as well as the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers "On Distance Contract" (No.255). These regulatory documents stipulate that the buyer may terminate the distance contract with the seller and return the product no later than 14 calendar days after receiving the product. The Consumer Rights Protection Act states that the purchaser must maintain the goods in its original state during the period of the right to return in accordance with the signed distance contract. It is advisable to keep the original packaging of the product in order to safely transport the goods if the right to return the goods is used. 

The store's Watch Brands 24 management asks its customers to familiarize themselves with the product to check its properties as carefully as it would in a regular store. It should be noted that watches can be viewed, adjusted, and in no case removed from the protective film or tag. The product you want to return must be complete: the condition you purchased it. When returning the product, the clock must be packed in the original box. 

Please note that the Watch Brands 24 store does not accept goods returned by the buyer by mail, as only one party (the seller) will be present when receiving the product, but in such circumstances it is not possible to record visual defects or incomplete sets of watches. If the item is sent to the Watch Brands 24 warehouse by courier, the buyer will be obliged to accept the goods receipt document, which will describe its appearance, defects and assembly. This act will be drawn up unilaterally by a Watch Brands 24 representative. After such acceptance, all your claims will be unfounded, so please return the item personally to the "Watch Brands24" store by calling +447778474878 in advance.

If the buyer has decided to return the product and the reason for the refusal is not related to the quality of the product, the buyer is obliged to cover all the costs of returning the goods to the seller. 

Watch Brands 24 undertakes to return to the buyer the price of the returned item no later than within 30 calendar days from the moment when the product is returned to the warehouse. 

Before shipment to our warehouse, you have to make sure that the product is safely packed so that the product will not be damaged during transportation. In turn, we recommend that our customers insure the product before shipment. If the goods are damaged during transportation, the responsibility for the condition of the product lies with the buyer.  

The Buyer may not use his right to return the Goods in the following cases: 

(These Regulations shall be governed by the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.255 of 20 May 2014 on Distance Contracts).  

  1. The product, due to its properties, is confused with other objects after transportation. 
  2. The product is damaged (externally, mechanically, or both). As a result, the price of the item will be reduced. 
  3. The product is closely related to the movement on the financial market, which cannot be influenced by the seller, for the entire period of the right to return the goods. 
  4. The product has been custom-made and irreplaceable.
  5. If the package opened by the buyer upon receipt of the product cannot be returned because it endangers health and hygiene. 
  6. The buyer wants the seller to come to him and carry out repair or maintenance. If the seller arrives at a particular place to carry out the necessary work, and at the same time supplying additional goods (other than basic spare parts), the right to refuse will apply only to the goods or services provided. 


Only the original watches with a warranty period of 2 years are offered at Watch Brands 24. 

For its products, Watch Brands24 are guaranteed for 2 years: 

  • Full-time clock work if all operating rules are observed. 
  • Free Clock Repair at "Watch Brands 24" Service or Replacement When Detected in Production Outage. 
  • Free clocks advice.

When the mechanism is broken, the watch change is offered in the following cases:  

  1. The mechanism has been able to get repaired more than 3 times throughout the warranty period. 
  2. The service center master or an independent expert confirms that the mechanism is not repairable. 

By law, minor defects that do not affect the accuracy of the clock's performance (indicators, dial, decorative stones, and other elements) are not a reason to request a clock change or a refund of its value. If you have observed a defect that has not been caused by your actions since the time of purchase, you can contact the Watch Brands 24 Service. 

The warranty does not cover: 

  1. Watch with strap defects and cufflinks. 
  2. Replacement of the battery that you received with the clock to check the operation of the mechanism, as its use period may not coincide with the period specified in the instructions. 
  3. Clock cleaning. 
  4. Replacement or repair of glass, dials and housings. 
  5. Clock wrapping head, buttons, rollers. 
  6. Restoration of the initial state of the coating on clocks, bracelets or bracelets (silver or gold spraying, anode oxidation, metal coating on plastic parts). 

Buyer's claim is not justified in the following cases: 

  1. Mechanical damage, including engraving, has been detected on the watch. 
  2. The defect has been detected after the watch has undergone dramatic fluctuations in temperature (sauna or sauna), ie when condensation has entered the product. 
  3. The clock was damaged by water sports. 
  4. Damage is caused by the reaction of the clock surface to contact with water or an aggressive chemical environment, as well as when the clock is near devices with electromagnetic frequencies. 
  5. The defect has occurred when the clock is not handled with care when your actions have not responded to the main operating rules of the product. 
  6. Damage to the (liquid crystal) display.
  7. Glass: dropped, broken or cracked.   
  8. The clock has been damaged by natural disasters or cataclysm. 
  9. The watch battery has not been replaced by our service. 
  10. The earliest repair or maintenance of the watch has not been performed at the WatchBrands24 Technical Service. 
  11. The watch is used for professional purposes for which it is not intended. 

Watch Brands 24 watches are accepted for warranty service if the buyer has a cashier's receipt or other proof of purchase in our store and if there is a warranty voucher. 

  • If you have complied with all the terms of service, but the clock does not work or has a defect, you have the right to file a claim. 
  • Be kind and maximally loyal to our sales managers and service specialists - they are not guilty of being found defective or damaged.
  • Treating Watch Brands 24 specialists will make it easier for both sides to find the right and reciprocal solution to the problem. 
  • Operating rules are not complicated and you will not have to make the effort to fulfill them. But their performance is a guarantee of the qualitative work of the watch with maximum usage time. 
  • If you have decided at the outset not to comply with the operating rules, then under the consumer protection law, the seller has the right not to satisfy the buyer's claims regarding the quality of the product. 

Terms of use for jewelery 

Clock is not considered irreparable if: 

  1. If the distance between the minute and the hour at 12:00 is less than 30 seconds. 
  2. The seconds counter does not coincide with the seconds division scale by 0.5 and less. 
  3. The mechanical clock deviation does not exceed -20 / + 40 seconds.
  4. The average monthly deviation of quartz watches does not exceed (+/-) 20 seconds.