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Terms & Conditions

1. General conditions 

Before ordering, carefully read the terms of purchase at the WatchBrands24 store. If you agree to all the terms, press the Confirm button and go to the order form. All the terms of cooperation with the Buyer are described below. 

Watch Brands 24, hereinafter referred to as "the Seller", offers its "Buyers" a product and services available on the official website www.watchbrands24.co.uk . By becoming acquainted with the terms and conditions described below, as well as with the Privacy Policy, Terms of Delivery, Return and Exchange Terms, Advertising Services and Other Functions, the Buyer automatically agrees that these terms and conditions will be met in full and without limitation. The terms and conditions described on other websites are part of the terms of this user agreement. 

If the Buyer has purchased the products offered on the website www.watchbrands24.co.uk , hereinafter referred to as the “Product”, this Agreement shall be considered a “Distance Contract”, subject to all provisions of the European Parliament and Council Directive (97-7-EEC) on protection of the rights of the purchaser in respect of distance contracts. These regulations are also based on the norms of the Law on Consumer Protection of the UK, as well as the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the UK on the Distance Contract. 

If you agree to be bound by these terms, you must at the same time certify that you are an adult and legally capable person. If the Buyer is a legal entity, the authorized person must be authorized by the Authorized Company to receive the product. 

The Watch Brands 24 is entitled to unilaterally change the content of the website and the working conditions of its resource at: www.watchbrands.co.uk . Once the online store has posted changes to the website, they will take effect immediately. 

2. Personal data and their use 

When making purchases in the Watch Brands 24 online store, the customer automatically accepts the use of his / her personal data that was entered when registering on the website, receiving the goods or using the website to process and execute the order. The Buyer also has the right to transfer these data to third parties for the purpose of delivery, confirmation of payments, creation of customer base and statistical indicators. 

All personal data entered on the WatchBrands24 website and used for purchases are confidential. The Watch Brands 24, in turn, undertakes not to sell or provide contact information for its customers for use by other market participants. 

3. Confidentiality of Customer Personal Data 

WatchBrands24 does not have the right to publish and distribute information about its customers, transfer it to third parties. The Buyer has the right to verify their personal data, as well as to delete them from the customer base or other registry. WatchBrands24 protects the rights and freedoms of their clients, their personal lives against personal data. The Company complies with the European Parliament and EU Council (65/46 / EC) Directive on the Protection of Individuals by Analyzing Personal Data and Transferring Information.

In the cases provided by law, the online store has the right to disclose personal information about its clients, but only if these cases are specified in the Law on Protection of Personal Data of the UK. Therefore, our customers need to know that if certain authorities, on behalf of the law, request the disclosure of our customers' personal data, we will provide them with full information about you. 

If the Buyer who has decided to purchase the item in our online store is not a legal person or a legal person, then any authorized person (father, mother or guardian) will be able to buy the product instead. It should be noted that canceling the order will no longer be possible, as it will not be possible to return the item so that the Buyer can return the money. 

4. Goods, personal services

The goods and services offered on our website are for personal use only. Customers do not have the right to sell products or services purchased to us to third parties. If the Watch Brands24 observes any suspicious activity at the disposal of its customers, which, at their discretion, may conflict with the terms of this agreement, the Company has the right (with or without notice) to reduce the number of orders or services. 

5. Topicality of information 

Watch Brands 24 does everything to make each product's description on the website as accurate as possible. If certain key features of a product model have been suddenly changed, the "Watch Brands 24" does not guarantee that the changes will already be posted on the website. 

Watch Brands 24 have the right to refuse to sell a particular product if there is an error in publishing the price (human factor or technical failure). In other words, if the price of a particular product has been significantly reduced. 

6. Price policy 

Online Shop WatchBrands 24 displays prices for your goods only in UK. The published price already includes VAT (21%), as well as other taxes, if any. 

We always try to make our online store 100% current, but we cannot guarantee that the price of the selected item at the time of purchase will be the same as in the catalog. As soon as we receive an order for a product that is different from the one listed in the catalog, we will immediately call the customer and inquire whether he or she does not want to opt out of the order due to price changes. If a company specialist will not be able to call the Buyer, the order will be canceled, but the customer will get their money back. 

7. Waiver of goods 

In accordance with current legislation, the Buyer has the right to return the purchased item to the Watch Brands 24 within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase (when the item is received). 

In order for the customer to receive full and detailed information about the return of the product (your options and obligations), he only needs to go to https://watchbrands24.co.uk/warranty-and-return 

8. Limited liability 

The Buyer agrees that, even with all laws, the Watch Brands 24 shall not be liable for any breaks or errors that may occur in the operation of the Website. This condition is met regardless of the reason for the failure of the website.  

"WatchBrands24" is not responsible for: 

  • Interruptions in the operation of the website or delay in the processing of information.
  • Failure to fill in data or fill in incorrectly, distortion, loss or other changes. 
  • Situations that occur outside the boundaries of human reason. 
  • Network viruses on your computer, system failures, software shortcomings that occur when using hyperlinks on our website. 

9. Copyright 

All the content, correspondence (electronic and ordinary) of the Watch Brands website, marketing information intended to guide the online store to other resources is the property of Watch Brands 24. Re-publishing, complete or partial rewriting of content is strictly prohibited, except in some situations: 

Content copying is permitted for personal purposes only.

Copying or republishing the content of the Watch Brands 24 website is allowed for use by third parties, but provided that you provide the source of the WatchBrands24 home page by adding the entry-level URL. 

10. Exemption from liability 

If the Buyer mistakenly informs third parties about the guarantees provided on our website, all losses, expenses of legal proceedings will lie on the shoulder of the Buyer.


11. Conflicts and Disagreements

In the event of a conflict between a Buyer and a Watch Brands 24, the rights and obligations of both Parties under these Terms and Conditions shall be governed solely by the laws and regulations of the UK. With this agreement, both parties confirm that all controversial situations or conflicts arising from the default of the Distance Contract will be resolved by the Buyer and the Seller through settlement. 

In cases where the parties cannot settle the dispute through amicable settlement, they shall submit their claims and disputes to any UK court. The exception can only be the case when the buyer has violated or wanted to violate the intellectual property rights of the Watch Brands 24 . In this case, the company has the full right to receive the injunction (or other legal protection document) in any court of the UK, but the Buyer will be obliged to obey and fulfill all the conditions set by the court. 

The geographical location of conflict resolution is agreed by both parties in accordance with European Parliament Regulation No.953 / 2008. 

All claims relating to the nature and condition of the product (if these qualities do not coincide with the terms of the user agreement) are considered in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law.

In the event of a dispute between the Buyer and the Watch Brands 24 regarding the protection of personal information, either party may apply to the court, but the Buyer has the right to turn to the Data State Inspectorate.

12. General Conditions 

The Buyer agrees that all of the above terms and conditions are a complete agreement between the Watch Brands 24 and the Buyer, in all matters pertaining to the Website, its content and use. 

Watch Brands 24 have the right to change or specify these terms at any time, indicating the date of the last update on the website. Any changes will take effect as soon as they are published. The Buyer agrees that if he continues to use the Website, he will accept any changes made. In this regard, the Watch Brands 24 has the right to revoke or revoke the proposed rights and opportunities. The buyer must immediately comply with any changes, including, if necessary, discontinue use of the website. 

Nothing in the meaning and terms of the terms of these users should be interpreted differently as the relationship between the partners or the creation of a common type of company between the Buyer and the WatchBrands24. In cases where the Watch Brands 24 has failed to meet all of the terms and conditions applicable to its obligations to the Buyer, you may request that all obligations be fulfilled before and after. 

13.  Force majeure circumstances 

The Watch Brands24 is not responsible for any delay in the execution of the order, or for its failure to perform, if the circumstances resulting from the Watch Brands 24 are unable to control it. For example: war, state-of-the-art emergency, strikes, natural disasters, radical state power, terrorist acts, cataclysms and anomalies, computer or software malfunctions, disruption of the Internet by third parties. If such situations occur, Watch Brands 24 will try to fix them as soon as possible.